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DJK-COM Wise Solution was founded in 2010 in Bucharest, Romania, aiming in providing integrated solutions to the following areas of business activity: Sales, marketing, import/export.

In short time, enriched considerably its portfolio and developed a sales network in neighboring Bulgaria and Serbia.


Renewal and enlargement of products, services, and markets. Development of new methods of production. Positive changes in efficiency, productivity, quality, competitiveness, and market share. Identification of customer needs, on the one hand current and future market needs, and on the other hand the exploration of possible market potentials.



The multiannual activity on the foods market, combined with the know-how and commercial flexibility that we have guaranty an excellent result of our cooperation.Assistance, especially by complying readily with requests.We work and act together for common, mutual, or some underlying benefit.

Quality Product

The focus has consistently remained on the highest quality standards as well as consumer and customer satisfaction. Continually positive customer feedback are testament to the high quality of our products.
Alongside the consumer benefit, particular importance is placed on stability and durability of the products.


Understanding what customers want and what they expect is crucial to satisfy their requirements. We place the importance on interactive communication with customers at all points of contact. We aim to build long-term customer relationships based on trust and achieve mutual growth by continuously meeting their needs and expectations.


Flexible Collaboration

We are able to easily modify and respond to altered circumstances. Ready and able to change so as to adapt to different circumstances and compromise. We focus on customer needs.

Alongside the consumer benefit, particular importance is placed on stability and durability of the products.

Great Experience

The products that we represent are products with strict systems of quality control. Our main task is fast and efficient service of the supplier and our clients. Ascendency, respect and transparency that we show in our relations strengthened put dominant position on the market.